4 Inch Hybrid Glass Tape Edge Squeegee

4 Inch Hybrid Glass Tape Edge Squeegee

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Geek Wraps is proud to be the creator and originator of the micro-fiber edge squeegee.  Remember a longer lasting sewn and branded Geek Wraps squeegee will save you time and money in the long run. And they are the only Wrap Squeegees in the world with Geek Wraps Installation Magic built in.

Geek Wraps Hybrid Air-Wrangler squeegee is the best of both our Original Soft Edge and our Marine squeegee. With a thicker, longer lasting edge, these squeegees now last up to 1.2M rubs. Designed to be used with Geek Wraps Wrap Juice to achieve maximum longevity, Hybrid Air-Wrangler squeegees hold more Wrap Juice and stay damp and moist longer, giving them phenomenal gliding characteristics even while using maximum pressure to wrangle out all of the air from beneath your wraps. If using this squeegee dry, expect less rub life. 

With this revolutionary edge, the hybrid squeegee can be used wet or dry and still tether to a Power Slam Magnet or Belt Tether to keep it closer at hand and off the floor to extend the life of the edge. 

The Glass Tape Edge allows this squeegee to glide easier over vinyl. The glass tape edge is easily replaceable as is not intended for permanent use.

3M Approved Installation Tool

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