Detail Shape Shifter Pack

Detail Shape Shifter Pack

Geek Wraps is proud to announce the latest addition to our line of soft edge squeegees, the Shape Shifter Squeegee series. 

This super soft utility squeegee features a super flexible soft edge, twice as pliable as our Silver Streak line.

The Shape Shifter edge is designed for super complex wrapping, by taking in the curvature of the substrate with pressure. Detail Shape Shifter squeegees are a must-have for finishing all the intricate areas of your wrap. Perfect for use around window corners, door handles, or any area that may be too small for a traditional-sized squeegee.

€  2 Inch Detail Shape Shifter Squeegee (Q=1)
€  1.25 Inch Detail Shape Shifter Squeegee (Q=1)
€  Micro Detail Shape Shifter Squeegee (Q=1)

This durable, two-ply, soft edge squeegee is rated for up to 800,000 rubs. Detail Shape Shifter squeegees will not attach to magnetic surfaces.

Patent Pending

3M Approved Installation Tool

*Note: squeegee sizes may fluctuate up to 30% of stated size

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