EZ Wrap Pouch Kit

EZ Wrap Pouch Kit

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This handy pouch is made from premium rugged saddle cowhide with polypropylene pockets and heavy duty elastic tool-capture cuffs. It features the brand-new Razor Blade Disposal Capsule.

The pouch will slip easily onto your belt or with the three sewn-in Power SlamTM Magnets can attach to a vehicle or any metal object in close proximity to your work area while holding up to a whopping 12 pounds securely.

Pack it with your own tools and take advantage of all the features the EZ Wrap Pouch has to offer, featuring:
  • (12) Heavy duty elastic tool-capture cuffs
  • (1) Heavy duty elastic loop for the Razor Blade Disposal Capsule
  • (1) Large pouch holds squeegees and other favorite hand wrap tools 
  • (1) Top pouch for holding additional squeegees or cell phone 
  • (3) Additional elastic tool-capture cuffs for holding detail squeegees
The EZ Wrap Pouch Kit includes:
  • (1) Razor Blade Disposal capsule
  • (2) Power SlamTM Magnets
  • (1) Wrap Wand
3M Approved Installation Tools

US PATENT #9,687,067
US PATENT D795,663

Magnetic fields can scramble a credit card's magnetic strip when in direct contact. To avoid this, keep all magnets at least 24 inches away from all credit, debit, rewards, and gift cards with a magnetic strip.

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