Knifeless Tape Wheel Kit
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Knifeless Tape Wheel Kit

If you would like more tape at your fingertips this is the wheel for you. Same functionality as our previous reel, it now allows you to use a full roll of 3Mô Knifeless Tape right out of the package.

The Knifeless Tape Wheel features a second-generation full-core wheel from Geek Wraps. Wheel works great on its own, or it can be attached to any Geek Wraps Wrist Bands for easy reach. The built-in magnet allows it to adhere to any metal surface.

This kit includes a 164-feet roll of 3Mô Knifeless Tape Finish Line Tape.

3M Approved Installation Tool

Magnetic fields can scramble a credit card's magnetic strip when in direct contact. To avoid this, keep all magnets at least 24 inches away from all credit, debit, rewards, and gift cards with a magnetic strip.
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