Pro Pink 2 Inch Detail Squeegee (Pack of 2) - Blow Out

Pro Pink 2 Inch Detail Squeegee (Pack of 2) - Blow Out

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Color change tools for color change wraps!

This versatile squeegee is perfect for multiple wet application use, such as paint protection films, automotive, marine, residential & commercial window tinting, chrome wraps, paint wraps, wet apply vinyl graphics and any vehicle wrap surfaces. The Pro Pink 4 Inch Squeegee sports a super soft edge with a whopping 800,000 rubs and absorbs and holds 1.25 ml of water per inch! Also works excellent with Geek Wraps® Wrap Juice™.

Pro Pink Detail Squeegees are a must-have for finishing all the intricate areas of your wrap. Perfect for use around window corners, door handles, or any area that may be too small for a traditional-sized squeegee.

Sold in packs of 2

These squeegees do not attract to our magnets.

3M Approved Installation Tool


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