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Proheat STC Surface Temp Control Heat Gun
PH-1615 Proheat STC Surface Temp Control Heat Gun w/15' Cord

Proheat STC Surface Temp Control Heat Gun

The Master ProHeat STC Series heat guns are the world's first heat guns to have the capability to sense, display and control actual work surface temperatures.

Save time and money avoiding costly re-work while your Proheat STC Series heat gun enables you to heat your work surface more accurately than ever before.
  • Perfect for process control applications 
  • Know your work surface temperature at all times
  • Fine tune and lock-in temperature and airflow settings for repeatability
  • Easy to reach and maintain defined target temperatures
  • Avoid overheating or burning heat-sensitive materials
  • Install vehicle, building, wall and other wraps
  • Post heat vinyl wraps
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