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Wrap Wand

Wrap Wand

The Wrap Wand is designed to lay vinyl into tight crevices as well as scoring before razor-cutting body seams. Perfect for lifting edges and working in tight radiuses such as door handles

Made from durable plastic, its ergonomic design allows for a firm grip and precision usage. It features a built-in magnet to adhere to any metal surface.

Color will vary based on availability.

Geek Wraps Wrap Wands are laser cut from an existing common tool from a different industry. While you may notice varying amounts of cosmetic imperfection from the laser cut, this does not effect the overall use of the tool.

3M Approved Installation Tool

US PATENT D795,663

Magnetic fields can scramble a credit card's magnetic strip when in direct contact. To avoid this, keep all magnets at least 24 inches away from all credit, debit, rewards, and gift cards with a magnetic strip.
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