Along with the lack of shared information, at the onset of Geek Wraps there were limited worthwhile tools on the market that would meet the demands of inspirational installers. Since we were (and still are) a small custom shop, we needed tools that would make our jobs easier by increasing the quality of our installs and decreasing the time spent installing. All of our tools were created out of need during our installations. We innovate new tools and/or improve tool concepts implementing them over a long period of time before introducing them to the wrap community. If any of our creations sit in our tool boxes, neglected and unused, we don't offer them for sale. The first tool we produced, our original Soft Edge Squeegee was created in 2004 while we were still a graphics company. We offered them for sale locally and soon had a micro group of re-sellers across the country. We were still experimenting with all sorts of stitched on materials to improve on the proven idea of sleeves or loop on the squeegee edge. Some of our first made were felt, chamois, leather, suede and a variety of other substantial soft fabrics. While some of these materials worked fairly well, we still were in search of the best and concluded that the microfiber which we use today on all of our squeegees out performed all the other materials we had tested. Our stitched on microfiber can be used either wet (the Marine Squeegee line) or dry (the Original Soft Edge Squeegee line) and offers a long lasting ultimate edge which allows the media to remain scratch free while installing. All of the Geek Wraps tools are manufactured in-house at Geek Wraps, no out-sourcing. We do extensive ongoing research to find and use American made raw materials whenever possible.

While videos contain priceless information and knowledge, there is absolutely no substitute for hands-on experience. We had kicked around the idea of Geek Wraps U for quite some time, but waited until we were able to offer the best training we possibly could without compromise. Our accelerated training courses build confidence by allowing students to experience and learn on some of the most complex areas encountered in vehicle wrapping as well as installation of trailer, wall and floor graphics, depending on the curriculum chosen. Our classes are small, insuring all students are given individual attention. We also offer semi-private classses to employees of a single business if requested. All classes are taught at Geek Wraps, a 3M certified company, by Kenny Calman, a 3M preferred installer, and staff. We always recommend continuing your experience immediately upon completion of our classes, putting the newly acquired knowledge and experience to work right away for the most benefit.

For free training videos visit our YouTube channel.

When we started Geek Wraps, we were one of the first few dedicated wrap shops in South Florida. At the time, there was little information available specific to the industry and local training was limited to sign suppliers' seminars which mostly covered types of materials they were selling. We picked up bits and pieces to build on from a few friendly installers and decided once we were at a point that we could offer some useful knowledge, we would share with everyone. The industry has changed drastically in the relatively short time since we uploaded our first videos in 2008. With the increasing popularity of Paint Wraps, new doors have opened for businesses and installers. Other industries such as the window tint industry and paint protection industry are finding that color change or "paint wraps" fit right into and are a very profitable addition to their businesses. While advertising will always be a staple in the wrap business, Paint Wraps will occupy a percentage of the trade as well. The marketplace now offers many application specific media choices, various affordable large format printers and catalog pages filled with wrap tools. While some of our videos are already somewhat outdated we have chosen to leave them visible as they do contain some good basic information, especially if you are new to the business. As we post newer videos, the demonstrations have become more specific and detailed. By posting our videos on Youtube, we feel we are able to share some valuable knowledge with the industry while still promoting our tool sales.