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Air Wrangler Kit

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The Air Wrangler Kit is a 20-piece set of tools ideal for all graphic installers. This pre-populated all-leather EZ Wrap Pro Pouch features Cling™Magnets on both the pouch and tether. This kit is filled with Geek Wraps most popular professional installation wrap tools, including the Cap & Snap Blade Cage. Keep your most frequently used tools within arm's reach for a more efficient installation. The Air Wrangler Kit includes:

  • (1) Geek Wraps All-Leather Pouch featuring the Cap & Snap Blade Cage
  • (1) Geek Wraps Utility Belt
  • (1) Magnetic Tether
  • (8) Power Slam Magnets 
  • (1) Freestyle Curve Squeegee - US Patented 
  • (1) Wrap Wand 
  • (1) 4 inch Soft Edge Squeegee 
  • (2) 4 inch Soft Edge Marine Squeegees
  • (1) Micro Soft Edge Squeegee 
  • (1) Micro Soft Edge Marine Squeegee 
  • (1) 1.25 inch Detail Squeegee 
  • (1) 1.25 inch Marine Detail Squeegee 
  • (1) Geek Wraps Wrap Shears 
  • (1) Stabilo Pencil  
  • (1) Power Slam Tape 
  • (1) Geek Wraps Wrap Glove
3M Approved Installation Tools

US PATENT #9,327,479 & #9,327,480
US PATENT D795,663

Magnetic fields can scramble a credit card's magnetic strip when in direct contact. To avoid this, keep all magnets at least 24 inches away from all credit, debit, rewards, and gift cards with a magnetic strip.

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