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Box Truck Pro Kit

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The Box Truck Pro Kit features the redesigned Air Wrangler Small Torch Roller and The Big Easy 2 roller, with the new ultra glide bushing system built-in. This technology makes the rollers twice as smooth, without any wear and tear on the axle or core roller, providing an ultra-quiet roll. This kit also contains the revolutionary 4" Hydro Edge Squeegee. 

The Air Wrangler Small Torch Roller is precision CNC milled from aircraft grade T-6 aluminum, a solid 1" diameter aluminum hub supports the high-density foam roller which is attached with two stainless steel axle bolts. Foam roller measures approximately 1" in width.

It features a solid, impact-resistant, Delrin handle for comfort and ease of use. The strength, flexibility and durability of the leverage handle helps relieve wrist strain.

This revolutionary double duty forearm roller will lay down your wrap over rivets and textured surfaces in record time. You'll never look at rivets and wall wraps the same way again. Think of it as a portable hand mounter, like used in many of your shops, it uses a rubber roller allowing you to apply adhesive backed vinyls to vertical substrates.

Lightweight and easy to handle, the Air Wrangler Small Torch Roller works great for all those normal size rivets on box trucks and aluminum trailers. Not advised for calender vinyl.

The Big Easy 2 is a multi use installer that offers an impressive 7.25 inch roller width on a solid aluminum core axle which won't bend or flex while applying pressure across the full width of the roller. Very little effort or pressure is needed to lay vinyl with this tool.

Made from T-6 aircraft grade aluminum for strength, The Big Easy 2 can be used with one or two hands so it's convenient even when a heat source is needed for your install. It's like having a portable manual mounter when installing on large trucks and trailers as well as various exterior and interior textured walls, floors, counters and other substrates. Not advised for calender vinyl.

The Hydro Edge Squeegee's revolutionary new patent pending technology is a mix of both hard and soft components, blended together to form an ecto-skeleton. Its unique fluid trap and channel system allows for Wrap Juice, or the new Hydro Juice to be held in the liquid distribution channels of the squeegee body beneath the sewn micro fiber edges. The Hydro Edge can be used dry with no difference from the original soft edge squeegee, but when a wet application is necessary, it’s your best option for the job.

Made in-house at the Geek Wraps factory in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

3M Approved Installation Tools

US PATENT #9,415,540
US PATENT #9,597,863

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