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EDC Slider

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The every day carry belt that you can carry everyday comfortably

Introducing the first available items in a completely new line of Geek Wraps’ ever so popular patented magnetic belt system.

To view it in action visit: youtube.com/geekwraps
The EDC (every day carry) Slider is a brand new non-branded, discrete, polished take on Geek Wraps patented magnetic belt system.  The EDC Slider slides on to the EDC belt allowing for more items to be carried or can be used on some 1.5” thin webbed belts to turn it into a carry belt. 
On the job, enjoying a hobby or simply for everyday use, items that are magnetically attracted and adhere to magnets will cling to the belt and the slider for convenience in everyday situations.  Not just for Geek Wraps magnetic pouches, this system has been tested with heat guns, screw guns, tape measures, knifes, industrial staplers, screw drivers, crescent wrenches, (including keeping hardware, washers, nuts, screws, bolts etc. close at hand while working). Equally suitable for keys, cell phone magnetic cases, dog walk pouches, sunglasses cases, there are unlimited possibilities that should suit everyone's needs.

  • Slider measures 4.5 and holds at least 5 pounds
Limited amount available with this specially priced preview offer.  Full launch of the entire new line coming in 2023. 
* Do not give the magnets to children, these are not toys, they are a precision tool and should be handled with caution. While wearing the belt be vigilant as the belt could attract objects to you by your proximity to them. Always keep magnets clear of credit cards.     
By purchasing this tool, buyer acknowledges:
Geek Wraps products are designed to be used correctly and with care for the purpose for which they are intended. No liability is accepted by Geek Wraps for incorrect use of any of our products, and Geek Wraps cannot be held responsible for any damage to personnel, property or equipment when using the Geek Wraps tools. 

US PATENTS: 9,687,067 -- 9,872,555 -- 10,258,138

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