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Hydro Edge Freestyle Curve

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The Hydro Edge Squeegee's revolutionary new patent pending technology is a mix of both hard and soft components, blended together to form an ekto-skeleton. Its unique fluid trap and channel system allows for more Wrap Juice, or the new Hydro Juice to be held in the liquid distribution channels of the squeegee body beneath the sewn micro fiber edges.

This process slowly re-saturates the micro fiber fabric during installation until the wrap juice is depleted, staying moistened with up to twice the volume of Wrap Juice than the conventional soft edge. This enables the installer to work much more efficiently, greatly reducing the need for re-application of liquid.

The Hydro Edge can be used dry with no difference from the original soft edge squeegee, but when a wet application is necessary, it’s your best option for the job. Made for use on complex areas of vehicle wraps, the Hydro Edge Freestyle Curve can sculpt the vinyl, finesse the dwells, and roll the vinyl into crevices scratch free.

Note: Because of the built-in channels on the Hydro Edge line, this squeegee is not meant to be used with excessive pressure. 

3M Approved Installation Tool

US PATENT #9,327,479 & #9,327,480
Patent Pending

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