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4 Inch Marine Glass Tape Edge Squeegee
4 Inch Marine Glass Tape Edge Squeegee

Marine Glass Tape Edge Squeegee

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Geek Wraps is proud to be the creator and originator of the micro-fiber edge squeegee.  Remember a longer lasting sewn and branded Geek Wraps squeegee will save you time and money in the long run. And they are the only Wrap Squeegees in the world with Geek Wraps Installation Magic built in.

Geek Wraps® Marine Glass Tape Edge squeegees feature 3M glass tape on one side allowing maximum pressure to move stubborn air out from under your vinyl with little to no change of scratching or scuffing the surface of your laminated or paint wrap vinyls in both flat and complex areas to achieve maximum adhesion. The Marine Edge on the other side, provides increased glide as well as increased efficiency when used either wet or dry. 

Designed to glide easily over graphics and vinyl, ideal for wet applications. This tool is also useful when applying view-thru window perf.  

The glass tape edge is easily replaceable as is not intended for permanent use.

3M Approved Installation Tool

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