Have you ever watched our installation videos and thought about starting a new career, learning a new trade, attending Geek Wraps U?  

See for yourself if it as much fun as you imagine it would be. Purchase this actual classroom lesson kit shown in this video and install it on your car, following the directions on this video. You’ll end up with a great looking 3M color change accent wrap on your vehicle, plus three of our New Geek Wraps Hydro Edge Multi Flex Squeegees.

1) Purchase this $150 racing stripe kit and tools seen in the video above for $49.95 plus shipping 
This kit includes one ready-to-install racing stripe, and three squeegees of varying pliability and size, just like in the video.

2)  Install these stripes on your car using the techniques shown in the video

Book your Color Change class at Geek Wraps University and receive a credit for the cost of your kit plus a special bonus for a total of $250 off the cost of the school.  You will find more information at our website when you purchase the kit.