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Geek Wraps M-POD program was developed as a way to bring large volume discounts to our individual customers on sought after Geek Wraps merchandise. By purchasing product slots from the M-POD programs, customers have an opportunity to try new and existing products at a true wholesale price, while enjoying substantial saving over retail price. Purchasing a slot early, will set the program in motion faster.

How it works...
•  Once we reach 50% of the set goal, manufacturing starts
•  Items ordered start shipping 3 weeks after manufacturing starts, in the order received
•  Once the initial stock is sold-out, the M-POD product becomes part of the regular inventory at full retail price
•  Products part of the M-POD program may not be offered again as part of this discount

      Offer Set Goal Units Sold Shipping Begins End Date Open/Closed
      Big Boy Bundle 100 100 of 100 November 2nd, 2020 10/14/20 Closed